Paphiopedilum Petula’s Sensation


Petals and pouch so dark that they are almost solid black, with a contrasting white dorsal. An example from this cross shown. All have ‘vini’ foliage so should be dark flowers. A real show-stopper when you see these in person!

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Paphiopedilum Petula’s Sensation is a mottled leaf hybrid with unique flowers with petals so dark they are almost black. It is very striking and draws plenty of attention at shows. The foliage is also very dark, which makes it an interesting addition to your collection even when it’s not in bloom.

Flowers that have this much pigment draw quite a bit of energy from the plant when they are opening. If the flower doesn’t open up very flat on its first bloom don’t fret! Mottled leaf Paphiopedilum need about three mature growths before they are strong enough to show their full potential.

Another important consideration for dark flowers like this is light while in spike. It is best to move the plants to a shady location while the buds are developing. When they are in bright light the dark buds heat up and the flowers open and expand too quickly. Keeping them shady will keep the buds cooler and they will expand more slowly. Otherwise follow our general care tips for mottled leaf Paphiopedilum here.

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