Paphiopedilum Paradise in Burgundy-select


Paphiopedilum Paradise in Burgundy-select

This is a fantastic example of this hybrid. Bold colors with no breaks. Flat, full segments. We have seen very few of these with spots on the petals, which really adds to the overall appeal of this flower. Award quality!

In bloom select seedling in a 3.5″ pot with a strong new growth. Listed 9/17/20.

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Paphiopedilum Paradise in Burgundy-select is (After Watson x King Charles). After Watson is a very large Maudiae type hybrid. It is a big plant with big flowers on tall stems. King Charles is a cross of Paphiopedilum charlesworthii x a complex hybrid, back to Paph charlesworthii. So we have 50% Maudiae hybrid, 37.5% charlesworthii and 12.5% complex Paph.

The result is a plant with sturdy, mottled foliage and flowers with great substance that resemble large Paph charlesworthii. They are very striking! This particular seedling has award potential.

We grow Paphiopedilum Paradise in Burgundy plants with our Maudiae type hybrids. Moderate light and temperatures and keep them from drying out completely. Just follow our care tips and you will grow these like a pro!

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