Paphiopedilum Paradise Gem


Paphiopedilum Paradise Gem (In-Charm Topaz x Pacific Rainbow)

This is ideal for folks with limited growing space. You can grow a specimen plant in a 4″ pot.

The first to bloom have the compact size of In-Charm Topaz, and the bright green color of Pacific Rainbow. There will probably be a mix of greens and yellow to bronze flowers but they are all staying very compact.

Blooming size plants in 2″ pots. we are only releasing a few for now as we want to see more bloom out here.


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Paphiopedilum Paradise Gem is a cross between (In-Charm Topaz x Pacific Rainbow). Our Pacific Rainbow is an exceptional flower but it has been reluctant to breed. We finally got seed when we crossed it onto an excellent In-Charm Topaz.  The result was a remarkably compact growing hybrid with great vigor. The first one flowered less than 2 years out of flask. Paph helenae has been instrumental in producing very compact growing hybrids. Its influence is quite apparent here.

Most of these seedlings are pushing more than one new growth before they even produce their first flower. Tremendous vigor and it looks like they will form fantastic specimen plants in a few short years. Just grow them along with your other complex Paphiopedilum hybrids. Follow our care tips and you can’t go wrong. These would be great for windowsill growers or growing under lights.

Our first release of this hybrid was at the Paph Guild and we sold out instantly. They are very limited as we wait for more to grow up from community pots.

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