Paphiopedilum (King Charles x Ruby Boy Wonder) flask


Paphiopedilum (King Charles ‘Provence’ x Ruby Boy Wonder ‘Malbec’ AM/AOS) flask

Expect striking, large burgundy flowers on plants with attractive mottled foliage. Some flowers will have spotted petals and some will likely be more pink. King Charles has proven to be a great parent in every cross it has made and we expect the same here.

Flasks with 22-25 seedlings. We ship out of flask so be ready to pot them up right away.

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Paphiopedilum (King Charles x Ruby Boy Wonder) flask will produce some large, burgundy flowers. Some may have spots on the petals, and some may be more pink than burgundy. That’s the fun part of hybridizing!

King Charles is a proven parent and it makes very good offspring. The one we used is darker than the one pictured, but that’s the only photo that was handy. The main photo is Paphiopedilum Paradise in Burgundy, which is a similar hybrid. We expect even better results from this cross as the Ruby Boy Wonder ‘Malbec’ AM/AOS is bigger, fuller and flatter than the parent of Paradise in Burgundy.