Paphiopedilum Jeweled Philip


Paphiopedilum Jeweled Philip

A colorful and unique multifloral hybrid. The first to flower have had dark petals, some have hints of green on the sepals.

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.


Paphiopedilum Jeweled Philip is a cross between (Lawless Sandchild x philippinense). We used Paph philippinense var laevagatum ‘Corey’ HCC/AOS to make this cross. This variety of the species imparts more intense color than the common form. This hybrid is an interesting mix of sanderianum, stonei, rothschildianum and philippinense. The first to bloom had very unique color, with dark petals and a splash of green on the tips of the sepals. Of course every seedling will be a little different.

These are vigorous plants that are easy to grow. Just follow our tipsĀ here and you can’t go wrong!

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