Paphiopedilum In-Charm Circle x (Laser x fairrieanum)


Paphiopedilum In-Charm Circle x (Laser x fairrieanum)

This cross has great potential. We are hoping for very dark vinicolor complex Paphs with down swept petals from the fairrieanum influence. These should be great!

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.


This hybrid has great potential. Here we have a red complex Paph crossed with a vinicolor fairrieanum hybrid. Red complex Paphs crossed to vinis produce very dark flowers. When we add fairrieanum to the mix we should get down swept petals and a very pleasing form.

Complex hybrids always have wide variation among siblings. The best of these will have very dark flowers with shape resembling the fairrieanum influenced parent. These are vigorous seedlings ready to bloom any time now. They are easy to grow if you follow our suggestions on our care page.

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