Paphiopedilum Grand Paradise


Paphiopedilum Grand Paradise (bellatulum x Jennifer Reinoso)

A compact Brachy hybrid with large, colorful flowers. Everyone has room for a plant like this! Great for windowsills or under lights.

Blooming size plants in 2″ pots.



Paphiopedilum Grand Paradise is a cross of (bellatulum x Jennifer Reinoso). Our awarded Jennifer Reinoso plant has great color and form. Crossed to the compact growing brachy species Paphiopedilum bellatulum we get a compact plant with large flowers. They will have shorter stems than Paphiopedilum Petit Paradise but many will be darker. The flowers should be larger as well. These can grow into a specimen plant in a 3.5″ pot.

This is a Brachypetalum (Brachy) hybrid. Species from this group are generally warm growing and flower in the spring and summer months. They are generally easy to grow as long as you don’t keep them too wet during the cooler months. They are great for folks who grow under lights.

We grow these along side our Maudiae type Paphs. We have detailed cultural tips on our care and feeding page.

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