Paphiopedilum Garnet Crown


Paphiopedilum Garnet Crown (rothschildianum x wardii)

This is a unique primary hybrid that resembles Paph Iantha Stage. The plants have tremendous vigor and attractive mottled foliage. A seldom seen roth hybrid!

These are blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.

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Paphiopedilum Garnet Crown is a primary hybrid of Paphiopedilum (rothschildianum x wardii). Most single flowered Paphs crossed with rothschildianum produce good results, and this should be no exception. This hybrid was registered in 1987 by Norris Powell, but there are very few images of the flowers out there. It resembles Paphiopedilum Iantha Stage, but wardii makes the flowers a bit darker.

Like most hybrids of this type the plants are very vigorous. Many older rothschildianum hybrids were made with older plants that were shy bloomers. Today’s modern crosses are made with more vigorous and floriferous roths and they are much easier to bloom. Just treat these like any other multifloral hybrid and they will thrive! Check out our care page to help you grow your plants like a professional.

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