Paphiopedilum (Enzan Kitty x (Red Maude x Blacklight))


Paphiopedilum (Enzan Kitty x (Red Maude x Blacklight))

This type of breeding gives very dark flowers that are larger and fuller than standard Maudiae types. The best of these will be real show-stoppers! Select blooming plants will sell for hundreds of dollars.

There is always tremendous variation in form from this type of cross. Pretty much all will have great color.

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots.


This is a hybrid between a complex ‘bulldog’ and a vinicolor Maudiae type Paph. The goal with this type of breeding is to get very dark vinicolor complex type flowers. The good news is that the flowers pretty much always have great dark vini type color. The bad news is that the form is not always great. Our sample photo is from an exceptional example of this type of breeding.

Along with great color, this hybrid has tremendous vigor. These seedlings are growing very quickly. The Maudiae influence also extends the blooming season. You can get flowers pretty much any time of year.

Grow these like any other complex hybrid. You can find details on how we grow our plants here.

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