Paphiopedilum Dot’s Leopard


Paphiopedilum Dot’s Leopard (Dot’s Delight x Hsinying Leopard)

A beautiful spotted mottled leaf hybrid. These bloom on small plants and are very easy to grow.

Blooming size plants in 2″ pots.



Paphiopedilum Dot’s Leopard is a cross of (Dot’s Delight x Hsinying Leopard). This brings together Orchid Zone breeding with Taiwanese lines. Paph Dot’s Delight is a great example of Orchid Zone Maudiae hybrids. The flowers are large, with broad petals and bold spots. Paph Hsinying Leopard is more compact growing and has intense color. We are hoping for the best of both worlds from this hybrid.

Maudiae or mottled leaf hybrids like this are very rewarding and easy to grow. They will flower multiple times per year once they are mature. They also stay nice and compact so they don’t take up too much space. The best feature is the attractive foliage, which makes them a nice addition to your collection year round.

These plants are undemanding as far as care goes.  Just follow the tips on our care page and you will grow beautiful plants.

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