Paphiopedilum Delta Breeze-select


Paphiopedilum Delta Breeze-select

One of the best ones we have seen from this cross…definitely award potential here. The color is simply outstanding. We set it on the breeding bench for a bit, but we simply can’t keep all of them so it is being offered here. It is one of the strongest plants from the bunch and should make an excellent parent as well.

The plants is in a 2.25″ rose pot and is currently in bloom. It may be out of bloom by the time we ship. Listed 6/2/23.

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Paphiopedilum Delta Breeze-select is one of the best blooms we have seen from this cross. Paphiopedilum Delta Breeze is (Hawaiian Volcano x mastersianum). Some of these have come out looking like a ‘mastersianum on steroids’, and others have had these wonderful dark petals. This should prove to be a valuable parent in breeding.