Paphiopedilum (Cocoa Tree x Yi-Ying Twinkling Stars)


Paphiopedilum (Cocoa Tree x Yi-Ying Twinkling Stars)

Big, bold and dark! The spots on the dorsal sepal of this hybrid should be all of these. The best of these will have very dark red petals and pouch to go with the big dark ‘warts’ on the dorsal. Very high potential here.

Blooming size plants in 3.5″pots.


This cross should produce flowers with very dense, dark spotting on the dorsal sepal. The pod parent had especially large, dense dark spots and very dark red petals and pouch. Pretty much like you see in the sample photo but with solid dark red petals. The substance should be very heavy with a glossy texture on the best of these. Breeding for these very large dark spots has become quite popular lately.

These are vigorous seedlings that will start blooming this coming fall and winter. The flowers are very long lasting, like most other complex Paphs. They are easy to grow in your home, just follow our care tips here.

Like any complex Paph hybrid, there will be variability among siblings. The best of these should be outstanding.

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