Paphiopedilum (Cocoa Oliver x Cocoa Green)


Paph (Cocoa Oliver x Cocoa Green)

Bright green flowers to bring color to those dreary winter days! This hybrid has been producing solid greens without any white. Some of these have been huge flowers, even on small plants.

Blooming size plants in 3.5″ pots. The flower photo is an example of this hybrid.


Paphiopedilum (Cocoa Oliver x Cocoa Green) is a cross of two bright green complex Paph hybrids. Green complex Paphs usually start blooming in late October and can continue into early winter. Their flowers can last for up to 3 months. The flowers last longer in cooler conditions.

This cross has produced some very large flowers. If a small plant produces a large flower that is a little ‘floppy’ don’t give up on it! When the plant matures it may be better able to support a large flower and the form will improve.

Complex Paphs are among the easiest hybrids to grow. They just need moderate light and intermediate temperatures. Follow our care tips and you can grow these like a pro!

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