Mexipedium xerophyticum flask


Mexipedium xerophyticum ‘Aggie’ x ‘Howard’ flask

This is a rare offering. This species is notorious for being difficult to propagate. The plants do not set pods well and the pods are usually empty. Even when we get seed it is challenging to get germination and any decent quantities of seedlings in the lab.

We are offering a very limited number of flasks for sale. These are ready to come out of flask with about 20 seedlings in each flask. The plants are small but have good roots, and they never get too big in flask before they need to come out.

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Mexipedium xerophyticum is a unique item for the serious slipper orchid collector. It is known from a small wild population of just a handful of plants. It is quite easy to grow and propagate by divisions as the plant spreads by stolons (runners).

Despite its ease of culture, this species has proven to be very difficult to propagate by seed. The plants are reluctant to set pods, the pods are often empty and seedlings that germinate can be tricky in the lab. This is why most plants offered are divisions, not individual seedlings.

We have been able to overcome some of these obstacles and have produced fairly significant numbers of seedlings. This allows us to offer a limited number of flasks of this species for sale. The seedlings are generally hardy when deflasked, but grow slowly for the first couple of years. Patience will be rewarded with vigorous plants once they are well established.