Flask-Paph (Macabre Illusion x Mystically Contrasting)


Flask-Paph (Macabre Illusion ‘Alsace’ x Mystically Contrasting ‘Petite Sirah’)

We should see some dark petals here…some will be almost solid black.

Not to be missed. We are only releasing a few of these! Full flasks, ready to pot up.

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Flask-Paph (Macabre Illusion x Mystically Contrasting) should produce some outstanding results. The photos of the parents speak for themselves.

Most of the black petal breeding lines produce white dorsals. Our Macabre Illusion has deep green. We should see a range of green through white in the dorsals of the offspring. Petals will range from solid black to attractively patterned like the Mystically Contrasting.